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Union Bridge, Maryland.

Station Grand Opening
Grand Opening of the former WM depot - January 2000

The month of January, 2000 saw the opening of the former Western Maryland Depot in Union Bridge Maryland to the public for the first time in 40 years.  To celebrate, the society modules were displayed in the east waiting room for three Sundays during the month.  Over 500 people came to see the station and the model trains.

Celebrate with us on this page then, the return of passengers to the station as they ride the trains of yesterday! Special signs for the modular group were displayed

Young faces were evident every day
Al Wachter keeps the steam up.

Meyersdale with other modules on display in the background
The East waiting room and ticket office.

These two remember the days of steam.
A lengthy train heads for the North wall.

Knobley tunnel module on display in the ticket office
Knobley tunnel in the ticket office.

Salisbury Viaduct in the ticket office
The eight foot-long Salisbury Viaduct.

Crane operator Ken Mazer loads wheel and axle assemblies
Ken Mazer and Bob Parks watch the crane.

Telegrams and Tickets once available here
A visitor enjoys the ticket office

The station bulding itself
A mother and son prepare to take their journey in time.

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