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B&O Museum
First appearance of the WMRHS Modular Group
at the B&O Musuem, Balitmore Maryland.

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December 21st and 22nd, 2002 saw the first appearance of the WMRHS modular group in the B&O Museum.  Many thanks to the wonderful staff and management.  Our society is greatly appeciative of the fine work they have done to preserve not just the WM, but all the railroad treasures on the property.  Click the picture for a larger view. 

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meyersdaleairialview.jpg (48790 bytes) 7495leadsmeyersdalebom.jpg (55529 bytes)
7495leadsmeyersdalebom2.jpg (49454 bytes) fastfreight.jpg (47117 bytes)

alwachtermoduleatbom.jpg (45003 bytes)

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The museum has done an excellent job preserving 236.

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We think our Fireball version of 236 makes for an interesting comparison at 1/87 the size of the real thing!

236onnose.jpg (44351 bytes)
That's an HO scale Mini-me on the buffer!

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