Western Maryland Railway Historical Society

HO Scale Modular Group - Presenting the past today.

Enjoy our pictures from our many events.   Click the image for a larger view.

Yardmaster Rick Gantz, and his son Christopher keep a watchful eye on WM hump yard operations. The Knobmount Yard module, built by member Grant Becker is a working hump yard, complete with air operated retarders.

Ken Compell, Chief Engineer - Civil, discusses progress being made on the 28' long representation of Hagerstown Yard currently being built.

Bridges and Buildings Superintendent David "Bear" Bridgham, looks over some last minute details on his 8' long copy of Salisbury viaduct. Bear worked on creating this accurate model for over two years before it was ready for integration into the modular group display.

WMRHS members Roger Caldow, Mike Keyser, and Grant Becker discuss
the progress of another long train on the WMRHS modular display.

Brush Tunnel (100402 bytes)
Brush Tunnel is taking shape at the hand of Mike Keiser.
Here we see another westbound freight passing the last car
of an eastbound WM inspection train as it approaches the
east end of Deal.  Mike is also partner with Ken Compell
in the construction of Hagerstown Yard.

Another load of black diamonds cross the Potomac river between West Virginia and Maryland on the single track deck bridge on this module built by WMRHS member Mel Agne.

Maryland Junction (137718 bytes)
At the April 98 Timonium show, 3 new modules debut.
The Largest, and most significant in terms of operation is Al Wachter's Maryland Junction module.  This two section module features wider radius curves over the original, allowing more advanced steam power to traverse the layout.

Big Train (92422 bytes)
Better lighting is needed to capture this mamoth 75 car
coal drag powered by 3 F7A's on the front and two
more cut in 35 cars back.  The rear of the train has not
yet cleared Maryland Juction over 60' away as
the head end prepares to go under Sudbrook Lane.

Myersdale (87078 bytes)
Ken Mazer has expanded the theme of Myersdale by adding
another module to the east end.  Here we see a westbound
mixed freight approaching the grade crossing.  The signals
and flashers are fully functional!

Welcome to the "WMRHS store"
For the 1998 Christmas season, the WMRHS Modular Group appeared at the Freedom Village Shopping Plaza in Eldersburg Maryland.  Here we see the gift shop in the front of the building.

Karate Room
The former Karate studio was a fine location, as the room was free of clutter and dividers.

MY Tower
This eastbound is passing MY tower near Ridgley WV.

Helmstetters Joy
The railfans at Helmstetters Curve are enjoying
their time with this GP-7 powered train.

ch13.jpg (37307 bytes)
January 27th, 2002 saw the modular group performing in their first live television broadcast, courtesy of WJZ, Channel 13.  Photo by Fred Eisen of the Great Scale Train Show.



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